The Yellow House Hostel - 704 W Hopkins, SMTX 78666

30 miles south of Austin, TX and accessible by car, train, bus, or bike.

By car

From Austin or San Antonio, I-35 is the paved pathway to San Marcos. Guests arriving by car are encouraged to use our free parking lot to the left of the house. There is also plenty of free on-street parking throughout the neighborhood (mind the signs and don't block driveways or mailboxes).

By train

Amtrak services San Marcos twice a day at San Marcos Station (SMC); less than one mile from The Yellow House Hostel. Train tickets cost between $10 and $15. It's late about half the time; sometimes up to an hour and rarely several hours. The bus is much more punctual (and cheaper).

Every morning the train leaves San Antonio Station (SAS) at 7:00am, stops in San Marcos at 8:32am, and arrives at Austin Station (AUS) at 9:23am. 

Every evening it leaves Austin Station (AUS) at 6:30pm, stops in San Marcos at 7:12pm, and arrives at San Antonio Station (SAS) at 9:55pm.

These times are correct as of 20 Feb 2020. You should double-check with Amtrak for their most current schedule.

By bus

Greyhound services San Marcos multiple times a day at San Marcos Station. Tickets cost around $15.

From it's Austin Bus Station, Greyhound departs once in the morning and again in the evening. 

From it's San Antonio Bus Station, Greyhound also departs once in the morning and again in the evening.

You should double-check with Greyhound for their most current schedule.

CARTS services San Marcos multiple times on weekdays (but does not operate on weekends or holidays) at San Marcos Station. Tickets are $4 (which is the cheapest way to get here) and you'll need exact change to ride. There are bike racks on every bus, so this is the only way to transport your bicycle to/from San Marcos. There is no CARTS service to/from San Antonio. With up to 12 trips on weekdays, CARTS is more punctual, dependable, and affordable than Amtrak or Greyhound.

The 1517 GOLD Route and 1510 YELLOW Route connect Austin and San Marcos. 

In Austin, CARTS stops at Plaza Saltillo (with connections to Austin's Metro Rail) and Southpark Meadows Station (which is not a station but a bus stop next to the PetsMart at Cullen & Turk) with connections to Austin's Capital Metro

This information is current as of 20 Feb 2020. Check CARTS for their most up-to-date schedule.

FlixBus is a new service to/from San Marcos. We don't have any experience with it yet, but it looks like it runs once or twice a day and their tickets cost about $7. We'll make updates once they're available.

By bike

San Marcos is just a short detour from Adventure Cycling Association's Southern Tier & Hill Country Loop bike routes. 

Bicycle Austin has a time-tested bike route to/from San Marcos (a little less than 40 miles from Austin). It goes all the way to San Antonio (another 55 miles).

More info about biking in San Marcos can be found here.

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